Emmitt and Gloria Dooley Family Charitable Foundation are always looking for donors to support our efforts within the Kansas City urban community. Our Federal Id is 81-4456539. We greatly appreciate each generous donation.

                                 Thank You!!!-

Upcoming Events

Our Mission

Creating innovative strategies through research, development, and educational means to help battle poverty within the urban community by empowering individuals in securing their future. 

Donate = Caring

June 5 - July 12   Kingdom Academy: Graphic Arts Design
                                Weekly Sessions: Tuesday - Thursday

June 28                Breaking the Chains: Charity Ball  

                                 KC Convention Center

                                 Grand Ballroom

                                 301 West 13th Street

                                 Kansas City, MO

                             6 PM

August 2018       Protocol Kids: Coding and Robotic

to May 2019                       

April 2019           5k S.T.E.A.M. Run